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It is estimated that the amount of money lost by inaccurate coding ranges from 3% to 15% of total practice revenue.

CMS estimates that approximately $259,000,000 in Practice revenues was lost last year due to incorrect coding or under-coding and it is expected to increase.

Average billing error rates for General Practices is 27%.

Average billing error rates for OB/GYNs is 24%.


30% of all claims are denied by insurance carriers for multiple reasons.

Insurance carriers depend on practices to "write off" denied claims.


Less than 25% of medical practices appeal their denials.

Insurance carriers depend on medical practices not following through on their denials.

Real Stories/Real Results

Lost Revenue/Found Revenue

A junior member of a Primary Care Practice, who had a large patient panel noticed his revenues were not increasing. After hiring MPMA, it was discovered that the in-house billing department never credentialed him. The old billing staff had been using another Doctor's ID number on the claims.

Medicare is conducting more and more audits of physician practices.

What will you do in case of an audit if you cannot retrieve your billing documents?

Do you know what your managed care contracts are currently worth?

Do you know where they are stored?